Radio Communications Client Representatives

DOT Unit:

Program Manager: Mark MacRae
Voice: 916-894-5111

Client Engineering Unit Head: David Andre
Voice: 916-894-5142

  • DOT Dept of Transportation


​CHP Unit:

Program Manager: Stephanie Tran

Voice: 916-894-5107

Client Engineering Unit Head: Steven Higa
Voice: 916-894-5123

  • ARC Assembly Rules Committee
  • CHP California Highway Patrol
  • SRC Senate Rules Committee



Program Manager: Janet Esola
Voice: 916-894-5116

Client Engineering Unit Head: Brian Kunz
Voice: 916-894-5134

  • CAL FIRE Dept of Forestry & Fire Protection
  • DWR Dept of Water Resources
  • DFW Dept of Fish & Wildlife
  • FMP Office of State Fire Marshal
  • P&R Dept of Parks & Recreation



Program Manager: Mark MacRae

Voice: 916-894-5111

Client Engineering Unit Head: Nimitta Haile

Voice: 916-894-5156

  • CalOES California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
  • CDCR California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • DOJ Department of Justice
  • VAU Various Agencies including:
    • ABC Dept of Alcohol & Beverage ControlAGR Dept of Food & Agriculture
    • ARB Air Resources Board
    • CAF Dept of Consumer Affairs
    • CCC California Conservation Corps.
    • CDE California Dept. of Education
    • CEX California Exposition & State Fair
    • CMA California Maritime Academy
    • CMS California Museum of Science & Industry
    • CSU California State University
    • DDS Dept of Developmental Services
    • DGS Dept of General Services
    • DSH Dept of State Hospitals
    • DMV Dept of Motor Vehicles
    • DOI Dept. of Insurance
    • DPH Dept of Public Health
    • DSS Dept. of Social Services
    • DTSC Dept. of Toxic Substances Control
    • EDD Employment Development Dept.
    • EMS Emergency Medical Services Authority
    • FISC Dept. of FI$Cal
    • FTB Franchise Tax Board
    • HRB Horse Racing Board
    • HSR High-Speed Rail Authority
    • INY Inyo County Sheriff’s Dept.
    • JUD Judicial Council of California
    • LOT California State Lottery Commission
    • MAR California Multi-Agency Radio Systems (CMARS)
    • MIL Military Department
    • PERS California Public Employee Retirement System
    • POST Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission
    • SLC State Lands Commission
    • UOC University of California
    • VET Dept of Veterans Affairs
    • WQB Water Quality Control Board