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State of California Emergency Plan & Emergency Support Functions

SEP Cover October 2017

State of California Emergency Plan

The State of California Emergency Plan (SEP) provides an overview of how to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from  natural or human-caused emergencies in California. The plan is a requirement of the California Emergency Services Act (ESA), and describes:

    • Methods for conducting emergency operations
    • The process for rendering mutual aid
    • The Roles and Responsibilities of state government agencies during emergencies
    • California Emergency Support and Recovery Support Functions
    • How resources are mobilized
    • How the public is informed
    • How continuity of government is maintained during an emergency
    • Mitigation programs
    • Emergency Planning and Preparedness
    • Response Operations
    • Recovery Operations
    • Emergency Operation Plan development and Maintenance

Current State Emergency Plan

California Emergency Support Functions

California Emergency Support Functions (CA-ESFs) consist of 18 primary disciplines or activities essential to addressing the emergency management needs of communities in all phases of emergency management. Led by a State agency, each CA-ESF is designed to bring together discipline-specific stakeholders at all levels of government to collaborate and function within the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. At the state level, the CA-ESFs consist of an alliance of State agencies, departments, and other stakeholders with similar discipline-specific responsibilities. This grouping will allow each CA-ESF to collaboratively mitigate, prepare for, cohesively respond to, and effectively recover from an emergency.

The CA-ESF Annexes are being updated. As the annexes are updated, they are posted below. Otherwise, the original California Emergency Functions Executive Summary is listed.

Contact information for each Emergency Support Function can be found in the CA-ESF Points of Contact document below.

CA-ESF Point of Contact List (May 2022)

Andrew Rush

Andrew Rush

Senior Emergency Services Coordinator

Office: (916) 845-8698
Email: Andrew.Rush@CalOES.ca.gov