Civil Rights & Equal Opportunity Office

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, commits to a safe environment. One that is free of discrimination for all employees and visitors. The EEO Office, under the direction of the EEO Officer, reports to the director of Cal OES.


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ADA Compliance

Ensure Cal OES operations meet ADA rules

Grant Subrecipient - EEO Compliance Requirements

Ensure EEO laws are being followed

Disability Advisory Committee

Support for persons with disabilities at work

Language Assistance & Bilingual Services

Equal access for non-English speaking persons.

EEO Policy Statement & Complaints

Unfair treatment of employees at work

Workplace Analysis

Prevent under-representation in the workforce

The EEO office handles the development and monitoring of the EEO Program. Our goal is to:

  • Allow all employees an opportunity to express their concerns in a uniform process.
  • Provide impartial consideration to all allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.
  • Ensure the handling of complaints are at the lowest level appropriate.
  • Allow management the opportunity to correct unprofessional behaviors through training and corrective action.
  • Review internal processes to prevent non-job-related barriers to employment.

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