Community Based Organizations

Community based organizations around the country are on the forefront of some of the most innovative and effective efforts to prevent targeted and others forms of societal violence. To learn more about some of them and their work, please explore these links.

  • Life after Hate, a nonprofit committed to helping people leave the violent far-right to connect with humanity and lead compassionate lives. Their primary goal is to interrupt violence committed in the name of ideological or religious beliefs through education, interventions, academic research, and outreach.
  • Brady: United Against Gun Violence, a nonprofit that promotes education, litigation, and legislation to reduce gun violence.  The organization is named in honor of Jim and Sarah Brady, who advocated for commonsense gun laws after Jim—while serving as President Ronald Reagan’s press secretary—was shot during an assassination attempt on President Reagan.  Jim survived another 33 years and he and Sarah dedicated much of their lives to the work of the organization that is now named in their honor.
  • Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a nonprofit organization that helps draft, implement, and defend laws, policies, and programs to reduce gun violence. The organization is led by—and named after—former U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a gunshot wound inflicted during a “Congress On Your Corner” event in Arizona in 2011.
  • Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization made up of millions of mayors, teachers, survivors, gun owners, students, and everyday Americans to end gun violence and save lives through combining minds in research, policy, litigation, advocacy and grassroots organizing.
  • The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, a statewide domestic violence coalition representing survivors, advocates, organizations, and allied individuals at the local, state, and national level to pass legislation towards the common goal of advancing the safety and healing of victims, survivors, and their families.
  • Students Demand Action, a grassroots student coalition with chapters all over the country that advocates for common sense gun safety laws, elects gun sense candidates at local, state and national levels, educates peers and communities on gun safety issues and solutions, registers new voters, and mobilizes their peers to end gun violence.
  • Moms Demand Action, a grassroots coalition led by mothers with chapters all over the country fighting for public safety measures that protect people from gun violence.
  • Safe and Sound Schools, a nonprofit whose mission is to support school crisis prevention, response, and recovery, and to protect every school and every student, every day.
  • The Counter Extremism Project (CEP), a nonprofit and non-partisan international policy organization working to combat the growing threat posed by extremist ideologies. CEP promotes a more moderate and secure society by educating the public and policymakers about the threats posed by extremist groups and ideologies. CEP also formulates programs that sever the financial, recruitment, and material support networks of extremist groups and their leaders.
  • Parents for Peace, is a non-governmental public health nonprofit empowering families, friends, and communities to prevent radicalization, violence, and extremism.
  • One World Strong Resilience Network, is an app that connects individuals, survivors, first responders, refugees and victims to relevant practitioners, services, and resources, regardless of geographic location.
  • McCain Institute hosts a national network of interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to preventing targeted violence, terrorism, and their impacts within the United States.