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FirstNet – Broadband for Public Safety


This contract was executed between CALNET/ Cal OES and AT&T on October 22, 2018 and is open to all mandated public safety state agencies for use, as well as other local public safety entities within the State.

Contract offerings are posted under Category 9.1:

FirstNet – Broadband for Public Safety Catalog/Pricing:

Other non-public State agencies may utilize this contract; however, they must meet the specified North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes listed on the contract, or be verified through Cal OES vetting process.

For Non-Public Safety Entities, not listed in the contract, please contact Broadband Services Division for authorization at


CALNET Public Safety Authorization to Order (ATO) Form and User Instructions:

Eligibility List

Any entity that falls under the category Extended Primary Users – Additional Entities, and is not specifically listed in the NAICS codes below, consistent with FirstNet Authority requirements, may be eligible to utilize this contract, but must obtain written approval from the Cal OES State Point of Contact (SPOC).

For more information, contact

Please see the Eligibility list for Extended Primary Users below: