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The effectiveness of any government’s emergency response efforts depends in large part on a comprehensive integrated communications capability. A reliable, sophisticated communications system is of paramount importance, for not only major disasters, but for day-to-day public safety needs as well. In times of disaster the preservation of life and property depend on a swift and coordinated response of both resources and personnel. The ability to communicate is a key factor in managing the response effort.

Mission-critical communications offerings are essential. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) Tactical Communications Branch is responsible for providing Interoperable and Emergency Telecommunications solution in support of Incident Command requirements anywhere in the state. To accomplish this task, Cal OES maintains a Warning Center and a State Operations Communications Center at its Mather Headquarters, and Region Communications Centers at each Administrative Region that provide communication resources at Cal OES Offices. The Cal OES Tactical Communications Branch also coordinates various statewide communications, communications assets and assists local governments in communications planning.