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Thank you for your interest in employment with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). Cal OES is the nation’s premier state-level homeland security and emergency management agency, charged with protecting California from all threats and hazards, whether natural or human-caused. To achieve its mandates, Cal OES employs over 1,500 individuals in various locations and career fields.

Featured Job Opportunities


Career Executive Assignment, Coastal Region

The Coastal Regional Administrator (RA) is responsible for program planning and administration to ensure effective preparedness for, response and recovery to any and all forms (all-risk) of disasters and emergencies within an Administrative Region of the state comprised of several counties and mutual aid regions.  The Regional Administrator (RA) plays a key role in the development, interpretation, review and implementation of policies regarding emergency management/response within the assigned Region and Agency.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply.


Assistant Director, Public Safety Communications

The Assistant Director, Public Safety Communications ensures the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of the State’s public safety radio communications systems; oversees California’s 9-1-1 system in support of over 450 PSAPs, statewide microwave infrastructure and network, interoperable radio communication network, and the State Network Operations Center (NOC).  This position leads PSC efforts to collaborate with emergency communication experts and providers to support communities and state agencies across the state plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply.


Other Job Opportunities

Cal OES has a wide variety of careers in a number of offices throughout the state.

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Exam Opportunities

Associate Telecommunications Engineer

Public Safety Communications (PSC), Technical Services Branch is responsible for a wide array of engineering activities and services related to the public safety communications systems engineering and design for public safety agencies of the State of California. As an Associate Telecommunication Engineer, individuals are responsible for providing engineering support to ensure services for public safety communications meet the critical operational requirements of the state.

Interested candidates can apply for the Associate Telecommunications Engineer  examination to gain list eligibility.

Department Specific Classifications

Disaster Assistance Programs Specialist I/II

As a Disaster Assistance Programs Specialist (DAPS) I or II, individuals are integral in the transition from disaster response to disaster recovery.  Individuals will be required to travel to disaster affected areas, work in a team environment to quantify event-related damages and capture the affected jurisdiction’s proposed scope of work in a reimbursement grant for state and/or federal disaster public assistance programs.

Interested candidates can apply for the DAPS I and DAPS II examination to gain list eligibility.

Emergency Services Coordinator

Emergency Services Coordinators perform a wide variety of consultative, coordinative, developmental, planning, and evaluative duties in the preparation, implementation, and maintenance of the statewide emergency management system including emergency plans, and the emergency response operations of State and local agencies and relief, recovery, mitigation, and preparedness programs at Cal OES.

Interested candidates can apply for the ESC examination to gain list eligibility.

Emergency Management Coordinator Instructor

The California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) is recruiting for an Emergency Management Coordinator/Instructor I (EMCI I) in support of the Hazardous Materials training programs and exercises at CSTI. CSTI delivers specialized training throughout California as well as at its main campus in San Luis Obispo year-round. Currently, CSTI offers over 100 course titles in the disciplines of emergency management, criminal justice/officer safety, terrorism, hazardous materials, disaster mitigation, preparedness and recovery, and crisis communications.

Interested candidates can apply for the EMC II  examination to gain list eligibility.


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